Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Celebrating New Years day in Steampunk Style

  News Years Day 1914

[picnic party , Home Hill]

Lets us take a peek down the telescope of time to take a glimpse of how one may have spent the day in celebration of the New Year of 1914.

  This New Year marks the centenary of major events in Steampunk History

  Parading  in  full military regalia  in the searing  hot sun  in the far reaches of the British empire in India  [Bannur]

 St. Petersburg-Tampa Air Boat Line,  Florida . 1st scheduled flight of the world's 1st airline
[ fortunately everything went according to plan]

tropical  Torrance California   local municipal parade

New Years in the Antipodes 

 [ where they  celebrate in  new years  in summertime when the weather is fine] 

Childrens' Fete Havelock New Zealand
gathered on what looks to be an excellent slope for roly poly

 Auckland NZ New Years Regatta Day

Promenading in Ponsonby. The local citizens in all their finery.

  New years outing, Murray River bed at Riversdale  [Australia ] in a drought year

New Years in the Northern Hemisphere

 Brave souls bearing nearly there all  at  New York  Coney Island in the wintery new year

  Whittlesey woke to a surprise that day 

A novel way to spend New Years Day  -  with an erected cock 

erection of new weather vane St Mary's church, Whittlesey   [ UK] New Years day 1914

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