Sunday, 1 September 2013

DIY By the Steampunk Light

Light Up Your Life Steampunk Style 

 Electrifying DIY projects  to Steampunk your living habitat. Time to don one's thinking cap  and prepare oneself for that light bulb moment. 

 Utilise the following proscribed methods to fire the imagination and create your own  inventions and feats of enlightened engineering


[ Do not attempt any jiggery pokery or DIY  on any internal wall or ceiling wiring - it can be injurious to your person or fatal]

 recycle, repurpose & reposition

Any  wire cage  can be used for the  purpose,  little or large, plain or ornamental  as suits  your steampunk style . Wire baskets, bird cage, implements & industrial light cage or work your own design

This  # has real  origami paper birds living in it

  Arsenic and old lace

The bottle projects  can be modified  for any bottle , open ornament or vase base.

An alternative version with the wires draping from  the fixture

Its  Faux  Metal

- You aerosol

Martha Stewart has some Steampunking  DIY projects.  Maybe   she has been heavily  influenced by her time behind bars

The following  projects involve Fairy Lights  ( or Christmas lights  for the more manly  ) LCD lights may be a safety consideration

 Mysterious orbs,  floating luminescence, effervescent  moon drops

Steampunk Ninja Orientalism  in origami

For the faery maiden in her realm

  Shotgun cartridge  lights for your shotgun shack or shotgun wedding

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