Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Last Bastion of Steampunk Living


 People have been barricading them themselves from  enemies and the elements since time immemorial. Coastal  cliff sides are ideal look out points. Over the millennia  hillside forts have transformed from hidden caves to hurl rocks from - to concealed coastal caches of ammunition and gun emplacements.

With the advent of long rage missiles  and satellite surveillance, the sturdy forts of last  few world wars  had become redundant. Abandoned  and cast away. 


Now they are being put to a new purpose on the home front.

Spitbank Fort Portsmouth

 Palmertons's Follies [ named after the  British Prime Minister  of the time]

Built in the 1850s to fend off the French  threat,  these forts  are still standing strong  against the waves and are enjoying  a resurgence as luxury accommodation and private dwellings.

These estuary emplacements excite visions of a  infamous international  villain's lair.

 Bull sands fort

Maunsell Forts: 2nd World War era [ after their designer Guy Maunsell]

 The Maunsell  Forts ran down the river mouths of the Thames and Mersey .

Time has marched on

The interiors of the installations  are ideal back drop for the vintage industrial look.

 Pirates had their own private radio haven broadcasting from these havens in the mid century  '60s

Knock John forts

 The Cold War  in the freezing seas

The US had its own forts for radar facilities that mushroomed   during the cold war of the  50s.  They had that  atompunk appeal for the post apocalypse

Texas Towers  , New Jersey

   Now lying as sunken treasure on the sea floor.



Military  Monuments of the Maginot Line


  Ouvrage Hackenberg.

After fighting off marauders from mainland Europe  down the centuries, forts down the  Maginot Line  were given a military make over  in the post WW1 period.

St Agnes set into the hillside

  Bunkers  boldly built before  WW2 . 

Beside them   in Belgium

Liege Forts , Belgium

Tunneling down . The French  have always done  decor with a little more style. 

Along the Atlantic Front

 The  Germans put military  emplacements all along the  Atlantic seaboard to keep enemies at bay. It was a decade of  Deco design.

Poland Protections of the Past

Denmark Demarcation

  & Then

Scandinavian Steampunk minimalism

Ready for a Refit

Do your own Dieselpunk  decor  and steampunk Stylings ; add that Atompunk atmosphere. Raid the recesses of your imagination .












 Play in  your own  Private Para Military Paradise

There is Always  Light at the End of the Tunnel.

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