Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Steampunk Urban Landscape : modular homes are the future

   The Well Modulated Community of the Future

Here is a sample of simple forms of Modular Home that will fit into a Future Urban Cityscape or a Post apocalyptic Landscape. 
We can utilize the developments to come in modern times to build homes for a time yet to come. Articles from our past can also be re-used to make modular homes in the future.

 - or even in the here and now

A Modular Home is a beautiful thing in every way. They are constructed from pre fabricated units, easily relocated to any location on land or sea. They  click together & stick together.
 they will  adapt to a social utopia - or a dark dystopia

  Escape clamp down

for when the world has been ecologically compromised 

 For a Cleaner Greener Future

 Recycle and re purpose a relic of our agricultural industrial past

Former green house used as a residential dwelling.

 Polygonal forms are simpler and stronger to piece together.

floating island unit

Hexi pods- a  human bee hive 

 A domed structure is more resistant to seismic activity and can be made thermodynamic. All important in an apocalypse.

Dakar desert 1940s

 Prefabricated Modular Homes  from History

 Modular units can be joined to make a bigger house or a simple complex.

adventure with a Venturo 

 There is already a ghost town from the past of these futuristic houses, once touted as the answer to the global housing crisis in the 60s - until  the petroleum based building materials  became to costly with sky rocket oil prices in the early 70s

Wanli Taipei

Keep Yourself Contained

Paint some cogs on and call it steampunk. Ideal for an industrial look. Container can lend themselves to any setting and any look  - from Sci Fi to urban decay. Low rent or luxury bach

Transportable and recycled. Shipping container homes .


Easily Transportable.

  Homes to pack up and take out  on the open road

Living in an inflatable bubble - it will take your breath away

Tents are tidy  and they can be tucked away  to transport.

Imagine surfing  the sand ocean  of the desert in a Nomad  tent  existence

Futuro homes from Finland can be flown into any location one can find.

These retrospective Futuro UFO homes are undergoing a resurgence of  re gentrifying

 Could this be the Steampunk Subdi-vision  of the near  future ?


  1. Modular homes can be architectural masterpieces; the Futuro subdivision looks like an alien invasion, nevertheless, it's an ideal way for an extended family to live in close proximity while retaining their privacy. The interiors appear quite roomy. The transportable homes could come in handy as well; I wonder if they can park in campgrounds?

  2. Recycling industrial containers into homes is a great way to protect the environment and provide affordable housing to people who otherwise would be homeless. Many communities are turning to this type of housing as a quick solution for people such as homeless veterans. The person gets a home and the container gets turned into something useful and beautiful instead of discarded.

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