Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Earthship styled Abode

Mayhap the ultimate in Steampunk building and habitat architecture, Earthship  houses and similar  abodes are renewable, recyclable, reclaimable and built to an age old design.

Pure alchemy in it's form, made from Nature's and man made bounty. Changeable and malleable , adaptable to any climate and environment.
While man has been building houses of clay, straw, mud and any reinforcing he can find since time immemorial,
Mike Reynolds is the father of modern Earthship homes.(see image above) He has been establishing his vision of  "off the grid" communities of sustainable dwellings around the world. Canada, US, the South Americas,Europe,Africa,  reaching to New Zealand.

The castle below was built by a man who abandoned his family after discovering he had tuberculosis in 1927

During times of isolation,  hardship  and deprivation, men's work gangs, soldiers, marines and miners have used their down time  and their ingenuity  to build bottle house dwellings. Beer bottles being a prime resource  in the male dominated environment.

Modern  earth structures  make use of what we have at hand. So much  man made detritus that we take for granted can be recycled and re-purposed for new construction. Demolition & salvage building material through to tossed aside cans, bottles,tyres, any article that takes one's fancy


Rebuilding Haiti with Mike Reynolds

 The interior design  of earth homes  can take on any form  and flow  that captures the maker's imagination. Bending and blending the boundaries of space and time.


 Enter a whole new world and dimension



Are you ready to make your own mark on the landscape !


A bottle cathedral of light


  The sustainable home system. Recycle the rain, sun and wind



Leading up a stairway  to heavenly dreams  and  wild imaginings

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