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Steampunk Potato recipes

Steampunk Potato Recipes

Potatoes were an ideal food source on the Wild Frontier. They taste good, feel good and have a high nutrition quotient.Simple  to grow, easy and durable to store.

 The  Potato Recipes below  fit the frugal, foraging and frontier feel of  the Steampunk Movement. 

You too can cook potatoes on the smell of an oily Steampunk Rag


All recipes can be cooked on electric oven, wood stove, camp stove/ fire or electric frying pan.

Boiled Potatoes

Peel  4 large  or 6 medium size potatoes
Chop into 1 .5 inch , 4 cm   chunks
Place in pot and cover with water
Bring to boil for approx 15min or until cooked
Drain excess water

Add butter  or sour cream and   mint chives parsley

 * new or small potatoes can be boiled whole with skin on

 Mashed Potatoes

As for boiled potatoes above
Cook until soft
Drain excess water
Add :  
         Half cup of  milk
         Butter / sour cream
Mash until all lumps are removed

 * Other options to add : grated cheese, chopped herbs, chopped   onion, black pepper

Roasted Potatoes

4 large or 6 medium , 8 small  , peeled or non peeled potatoes
Chop into  1.5 inch   ,  3cm chunks 
          ( small size can be left whole)
Add quarter cup oil or fat in roasting dish 
Place potatoes in dish and roll in oil.
Bake for  approx 1 hour at 200 c
Baste and turn potatoes occasionally 

 * herbs, spices , salt  can be added after cooking

Fried Potatoes

4 large or 6 medium , 8 small  , peeled or non peeled potatoes
Chop into  1inch or  2cm chunks   OR slice into  quarter inch or 1cm rounds
Add  quarter cup oil/ fat oil to frying  pan
Place potatoes in pan  and flip in oil
Add spices/ herbs etc 
Fry  ( grill  or bake) potatoes for  15min
Turn frequently

 ** Traditional herbs for potatoes are mint,chives,parsley,rosemary
   Cajun / Creole /  Mediterranean  or other mixes can be used

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