Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The Mini - BMW Steampunks its Ride


Love by the Dashboard Light


a  vehicle of the past has traveled through to the future and come  out all Steampunked , courtesy of BMW.

 To some it may be deep profanity  and blasphemy to say this...

 the latest incarnation of the Mini Cooper  wagon is seriously steampunk. From the  new classic outer chassis and trim to the fine  interior stylings-

It has been transformed into a vehicle  for voyaging
 Only the groovier mums had  Mini Clubman vans back in the day. Now they are way more hip

 little size Coopers were the domain  of ordinary mums and  oddly old men over  6 ft tall.


MINI Countryman Motoring

 Dare I say it  the latest model  Mini van range like the Countryman above, is still the Ideal  Ladies Car. Is pretty,its practical and  it has plenty of  space  to load the wagon

 [yet still holds a manly appeal]


that's paceman (with an e) rather space age with a retro feel

The Mini Cooper Clubman Van as you have not seen it before 
 more hipster than Hades

Driving excellence - Home James...

Setting forth for a Sunday Drive with the Munsters
[sitting with Grandpa in the back]

  Do  these seats  have an ejector feature?

all the cogs and whistles on the dashboard

Only  for the intrepid explorer. Step forth on a mini  Steampunk safari


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